Daily Prompt – The Wind Wishes


The Wind Wishes


It’s cruel how the wind teases us.

How she gently buffets our sails

How she brushes worry from our faces.

How she tickles us with coolness in a wicked heat.

It’s unforgivable how soft and sweetly she sounds

She brushes the most delicate flowers

Lifts their heads without bruising

She sings soft shushing lullabies

To the oldest redwood

To the youngest child

She embraces us all blindly

And she makes us think she cares

She lies

She lies and her lies are crushing

In mere moments she could go from singing to screaming

Raging against those she seemed to cherish

Shredding tender leaves

Flinging infants from their nests to shatter

In her fit of pique she torments the world

She hurls herself to the ground

She spins and rips an the earth

Jealous of its home?

Angry at its contentment?

I do not know

She gouges at it and then claws at herself

Tearing through her own need to move

She throws herself uncaringly at the ground

And destroys anything in her path

Twirling in a mad cacophony

A wail that deafens

A sob that rips

A gasp of dismay that makes breathing a fantasy

And a silence follows

A moment of absolute endlessness

Has the fit passed?

For the moment, perhaps

The destruction is clear

A tiny desperate breath puffs over it

An apology?

A warning?

A child reaching out.

The shattered remains of a favored toy.

A moment of utter tragedy.

Not only is it done, it cannot be undone

There is no way back

No forgiveness and no true blame.

It is what it is.

And it’s not fair.

The lives are changed,

Just as the wind is ever changing.

A gentle breeze is cruelty

Because it lies.

The wind is not gentle.

The wind only wishes she were.

Wishes aren’t granted.

Wishes are folly.

Wishes are cruel.

And the wind wishes it weren’t so.

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt.

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