Dance Strangely Little Moon

The Universe was displeased. The Universe did not make mistakes, all was harmony and it was good. Therefore when a distant speck, not even a freckle on the Universe’s skin, decided to disregard the harmony and grace that was the Universe’s intention it was not well received. The Universe was tempted to simply cut away the fragment, but knew it would destroy they symmetry it had strived for, for eons. Not that time was such a worry; the Universe had eons more before the great crescendo that would be its demise. However the Universe had a plan, a great and glorious plan to upset they symphony of creation and destruction to upset the balance of light and dark that was weaved with the utmost precision … it was unthinkable, unethical, undoable. The Universe refused.

The plans the Universe had since before existence was ruined by a renegade moon, unfit for even a glance from the Universe’s eye. Unfit for life, unfit for its own crescendo even in its own life and death. Such a thing was unbearable. Yet here it was, defying its orbit, ignoring its roll and changing the tune. The universe could command it back into place but the squeal of such a sudden if subtle change would ruin the soothing line the Universe had commanded for over half its live. The Universe could overwhelm the small moon with the rapturous flight of meteors falling just a little early, but that would speed along the finish and it grated the Universe that the little moon was still moving to a plan all its own ignoring her soft hints that it should meekly return to orbit and they could pretend the upset hadn’t happened. The moon refused.

The imbalance grew and the tiny moon managed to upset the axis of a well-behaved planet, happily spinning and swaying as it was required adding to the vibrations of all the happy planets its size chiming softly in the inky blackness that was the rolling bass of the line. The Universe watched the little planet try to stay the course but being pulled unhappily to follow the direction of the tiny moon. Strangely once it did it was suddenly not happy, but ecstatic. The planet almost giggled in its new roll, adding a counter melody to the little moon, disrupting the Universe further and ignoring the growing ire. The Universe was shocked at how quickly the entire tiny system shifted until even the small star swayed just the smallest bit to the new melody that created a discord in the perfect symphony the Universe had planned. With a cry of silence the Universe demanded the system behave as it was intended and desist in its disruptive behavior. The system refused.

Seeing how the harmonies would play out the Universe was angry, and for the first time, afraid. What would happen to this beautiful symmetry. The Universe bowed its head in defeat to the almost freckle on its skin. With a coaching intent and a plucked string far away a distant moon shifted. It was surprised, but also rather excited. This moon had been content to spin as it was told, but this option to spin as it wanted. This was new, this moon had never known new. To counter the shifting system the Universe created another. They balanced and the Universe was intrigued, the entire symphony reverberated with the counter melody. The systems played and danced and grew content. They wondered if they should let the Universe have its desire and offered to play as intended. The Universe refused.

It was eons of play that the Universe had left, if such a small tweak had done such a great thing what more could the Universe accomplish. It shifted a comet here, snuffed out a star there, and created whole planets out of the dusts of asteroids so distant that they should never have met. The Universe reveled in play. The eons past and it was time to fade to black. The moon refused. The system refused. And with a smile the Universe had never known before a joy in the chaos, the Universe refused.